Designed and written for the Windows® platform, Partner Software combines ease-of-use and multitasking capability within the materials testing environment. Partner helps manage and streamline the entire testing process from entering pre-test parameters to result calculation. The end result is a complete testing system which integrates easily with other business operations.

The Partner Environment is compatible with the Instron 3300, 5500, 5800 (Windows 7 only), 5900, 59-R5, 59-R6, 59-R7, 59-R8, and 8800 (Windows 7 only) controllers. The software can be configured to control or collect data from a multitude of frame types such as static hydraulic, electromechanical, and torsion from nearly any manufacturer of testing equipment.

Partner offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office Professional, which allows for custom reporting via MS Access or MS Excel. Other standard features include user-selectable calculations, user-definable test tags, automatic and manual plot scaling, and trilingual calculation and measurement displays.

Partner is compatible with Microsoft networks, and allows connectivity to a wide variety of printers and peripherals supported by Windows platforms.

An upgrade path to Bluehill Universal is now available. Find out more.

Principle Of Operation

Three different operating modes (servo, manual, and servo/manual) are available for the Partner Environment depending on the controller and frame configuration. In addition, Partner can also be configured for operation with torsion frames, temperature monitoring systems, and many different hand-held automated measuring devices.

When connected to manual systems, Partner is capable of receiving input from 3300/5500 controllers configured for data acquisition only.

The servo/manual operating mode allows for the best of both worlds, hands on operator control for simple peak load tests and full servo-valve controlled tests in load, strain, and position control.

Highly graphical Test Wizards assist the operator in setting up test parameters in the appropriate sequence prior to conducting a test. Five different test wizards are available.

  • The Data Acquisition Wizard encompasses all manually controlled tests.
  • The Tension, Compression, or Torsion Control Wizards can be used to accomplish most standard servo controlled tests.
  • The GenTest Control Wizard offers the highest level of flexibility for creating highly sophisticated, multiple step tests.

Test procedures can be setup to switch modes of control, change speed, detect feedback levels, vary data acquisition, play wave files, display messages, monitor digital inputs, set digital outputs, detect break, increment and reset counters, and more.

A comprehensive library of calculations is available for tension, compression, flexure, peel, geotextile and fastener testing. These calculations will cover the calculation needs of most users. When special calculations are required, use the optional expression builder to create arithmetic expressions that calculate test measurements and test results. These results can be displayed, graphed, and analyzed.

Application Range

Compatible with:

  • Windows 7 Professional (both 32-bit and 64-bit)    
  • Windows 8.1 Professional (64-bit only; service pack 1 or later required)
  • Windows 10 Professional (64-bit only)